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Always Book Bound

During this time of uncertainty and rapidly changing public response to COVID-19, we at Southern Bound Book Shop remain focused upon serving our patrons to the best of our ability within the constraints that are currently affecting our community.

In keeping with spirit of our unofficial motto, ‘Always Positive, Always Helpful, Always Kind‘ we have given much consideration as to how we can best serve you, our loyal customers, during this difficult time. As a result, our doors will remain open as long as it is safe to do so, and for our patrons that are unable to physically visit the shop, we will continue to post popular used titles on Facebook for sale with shipping options. We are also excited to announce the addition of our online bookshop at https://bookshop.org/shop/southernbound where we can support your literary needs with a simple click of your mouse.

As always, we are grateful for you, our readers and loyal customers, and thank you for shopping locally with us Southern Bound Book Shop.

My favorite childhood memories are of the summers I spent with my grandmother in Florida. Gram was a voracious reader and she simultaneously nurtured our relationship and my love of reading with a constant influx of new books.


I followed Gram’s example once I became a mom and always held my girls close as we read together and explored new worlds.

It was only natural that a book shop would take seed in my mind as I began to consider creating something new and rewarding to benefit my very special hometown. Biloxi sorely lacked an independent book shop and had since 2001 when Spanish Trail Book Store was lost in a devastating fire. That loss left a great hole in the community still felt years later.


“What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.” – Neil Gaiman, author of American Gods

Making dream reality, Southern Bound Book Shop opened in 2013 as a used book shop featuring local authors and artisans. As the business grew our shop evolved to better fulfill the needs of our patrons. Our stock of newly released books grew, and our collection of local authors shifted to include even more books of local interest.

Six years later, after no less than three moves, and a whole lot of heart and soul, Southern Bound Book Shop is now a perfectly located hybrid book shop. We sell new and used books, as well as a sizeable collection of vintage and collectible books. Our sidelines include vintage tchotchkes and locally drafted items. Our artisans focus strongly on repurposed unique creations with piece recycled from salvaged goods.

We offer a quaint sitting area for drinking coffee, chatting with friends, or quietly perusing new publications on your own. We strive to provide a cozy and comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and always looks forward to visiting us again. It is our responsibility to earn local customers and we endeavor to do so with every customer interaction.